Respecting Creative Work: Parent Presentation

Instructional Plan: Parents and Members of the PTA

OBJECTIVES: Parents will learn the basics of copyright and Fair Use guidelines; they will engage in an activity that will pre-test their knowledge regarding copyright and fair use; they will be presented with the online tools available online through the library; they will see sample student projects of both exemplary and poor use of intellectual material; they will receive a “home guide” so that they are aware of the policies and procedures that their students are expected to follow

    • Begin with the Respecting Creative Work presentation.
    • Continue with the Fair Use: Beg, Borrow or Steal? online quiz.
    • Discuss questions and responses with participants; discussion should center on what was perceived as the correct answers as opposed to the true correct answers;
    • Discuss as a group the requirements of student projects that demand media usage:
      • What do your students need for media projects?
      • What can your students create on their own for media projects?
      • When are copyright laws or fair use guidelines broken or abused?
      • How does your student (and you as parents) avoid breaking copyright and fair use guidelines?
      • What repercussions can your students (and you as parents) expect if they break copyright and fair use guidelines?
    • Demonstrate online resources:
      • Creative Commons
      • Flickr
      • EBSCO MAS Ultra High School Collection
      • Wikipedia
      • Power to Learn
    • Provide participants with handout/posters of copyright and fair use guidelines that can be kept next to the home computers.
    • Provide participants of a list of online resources that can be accessed when questions arise; also provide participants a list of online resources that can be accessed through the school.

    • PTA meetings are held once a month at our school; meetings are generally 3 hours in length.
    • Participants are mostly parents, but will also include grandparents and legal guardians as well.
    • This session is designed to be conducted during a regular meeting. It is quite possible that the session could be divided and conducted in two parts if the PTA has other business to tend to at their regular meeting.

    • Participants will have access to documents for use in homes
    • Participants will have an understanding of their knowledge regarding copyright and fair use based on the results of the online quiz and face-to-face discussions
    • Participants will have a collection of online resources at their disposal for using intellectual property in media projects and activities

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